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I'm not new to Java and Web-development but very very new to JBoss, Maven and OpenShift (Redhat) - I want to deploy a basic Hello, World from Eclipse.

I created a new OpenShift and JBoss AS 7 app in eclipse, it auto-configured all the maven stuff (To which I don't have much of an idea). I ran the index.html without any errors - It opened fine on localhost:8080/app-name

But when I navigate to localhost:8080/app-name/servlet-name it gives me a HTTP 404.

Here's my directories:

enter image description here

And my servlets from WEB-INF/web.xml:


What is it that I'm missing and not doing? Thanks.

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checked the logs? does the resulting .war look ok, do you have war configured in maven pom? – eis Feb 16 '13 at 7:32

Applications on OpenShift don't bind to localhost. They bind to OPENSHIFT_INTERNAL_IP and are exposed externally on OPENSHIFT_GEAR_DNS:80.

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Restarting and cleaning Eclipse seemed to fix the issue! Strange.

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