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Is there a way to find out on which port my asterisk software is running using command line interface or by any other way?

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On the sip.conf file, located at /etc/asterisk/sip.conf it will tell you which port it will run.

For example:

port = 5060
bindaddr =
context = error
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Asterisk supports more Protocols than SIP and IAX2, but these Ports are the typical Voice-Protocol Ports and may get forwarded from your Router (Firewall) to the Asterisk Server (because of NAT):

  • UDP:5060 SIP (sip.conf), newer Versions support TCP:5060
  • UDP:10000-20000 RTP (rtp.conf) for the media stream, a higher Portrange
  • UDP:5036 IAX2

You can also check the asterisk (modules) ports with:

lsof -n -i -P

You may find additional ports, based on your loaded modules (modules.conf) and configuration, for example TCP:5038 (manager.conf).

List your modules with:

asterisk -rx 'module show'

or for older versions: asterisk -rx 'show modules' .

Modules can be autoloaded and disabled with noload => in modules.conf.

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I always use netstat command as it is a good option to understand all the ports opened by Asterisk process netstat -anp | grep asterisk

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