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I am trying to have a sandbox account which I create with $1.00 with the balance, but as it has a credit card linked, bam, it just grabs more money from the credit card like nothing as I try for billing to fail precisely because I need to charge for outstanding balance which is what I'm testing.

So credit card linkage, always money even with an account of $0.00 balance, then bank linked and the same happens. The test account must be verified to make purchases on this which is recurring. Yet it should fail billing, I haven't gotten up to the next billing cycle which comes in a few hours (testing with daily as recurring) to see if one of initially $1.00 accounts for this $1.00 cycle will fail but that won't happen I guess because a credit card or bank account was linked to those test accounts.

Any suggestions?

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You first need to configure Negative Testing for your Sandbox accounts:

Page 45 here:

Then, pass in the error code desired as the Transaction Amount Field, for example 106.06 to invoke error code 10606 "Buyer cannot pay". The US site error codes are here:

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