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I doubt the answer to the following question should be 4 but the answers of the sample say that it is 2. I tried to find proofs for the correct answer but unsuccessful.

A configuration management system would NOT normally provide:

  1. linkage of customer requirements to version numbers.
  2. facilities to compare test results with expected results.
  3. the precise differences in versions of software component source code.
  4. restricted access to the source code library.

    Answer: 2


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You're talking about the SAP configuration management system. The answer indeed is 2, cause CM is used to keep track of what you have been configuring in SAP.

  1. What kind of requirements are in the different versions -> true
  2. test results -> we're not keeping track of test results inCM
  3. differences in source code -> yes, it's like CVS
  4. restricted access to source code -> yes, you can jump from CM to any transaction in SPRO etc.
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