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I have the following simple pig script,

AA = LOAD 'A' USING PigStorage(',') as (f1,f2,f3);
BB = LOAD 'B' AS (f1);
C = foreach AA generate f1;
C = JOIN AA BY f1 LEFT OUTER, BB BY f1 using 'replicated';
store D into 'd';

but when I run, it gives me this error:

Invalid scalar projection: AA : A column needs to be projected from a relation for it to be used as a scalar

Could you please help?

Best, Sara

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According to the IsEmpty documentation:

,,Checks if a bag or map is empty"

In your case it doesn't work since C is just one outer bag containing one tuple/line with fields from AA and BB :

C: {AA::f1: int,AA::f2: chararray,AA::f3: chararray,BB::f1: int}

You may apply the Bincond operator on each field from AA instead to check and replace values, e.g:

D = foreach C generate (AA::f1 is null ? '-1' : AA::id) ... ;

But if you stick to IsEmpty, then the following will do the job:

D = foreach C {
 bg = TOBAG(TOTUPLE(AA::f1,AA::f2,AA::f3));
 generate IsEmpty(bg) ...;

I think there might be a typo in the Pig documentation at the IsEmpty section. Earlier in the example cogroup was used for joining the two relations which creates an inner bag on which IsEmpty can operate. Later this was replaced by left join which causes the same issue you described.

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