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        <?php     function createLead($CuFirst, $CuLast, $COBool, $COFirst, $COLast, $CuAddrs1,
    $CuAddrs2, $CuCity, $CuZip, $CuEmail, $CuDphone, $CuHphone, $CuCphone, $BuildYr, $HoAge, $NoWindows,
    $NoWindowQuote, $WindowType1, $WindowType2, $WindowType3, $WindowType4, $GlassType1, $GlassType2,
    $Doors1, $Doors2, $Doors3, $Doors4, $Issue1, $Issue2, $Issue3, $Issue4, $Issue5, $Issue6, $Issue6,
    $Issue7, $Event, $Staff, $DigiSign, $Comments) {
        $CreateLead = "INSERT INTO  'rbaevent'.'leadentry' ('CuLast','CuFirst','COBool','COFirst','COLast','CuAddrs1','CuAddrs2','City','Zip','Email',
 VALUES ('$CuFirst', '$CuLast','$COBool', '$COFirst', '$COLast', '$CuAddrs1', '$CuAddrs2',
'$CuCity', '$CuZip', '$CuEmail','$CuDphone', '$CuHphone', '$CuCphone', '$BuildYr', '$HoAge',
'$NoWindows', '$NoWindowQuote','$WindowType1', '$WindowType2', '$WindowType3', '$WindowType4',
'$GlassType1', '$GlassType2','$Doors1', '$Doors2', '$Doors3', '$Doors4', '$Issue1', '$Issue2',
'$Issue3', '$Issue4', '$Issue5','$Issue6', '$Issue6', '$Issue7',  '$Event', '$Staff',
'$DigiSign' ,'$Comments')";
         return $CreateLead; }

Here is the error message:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ''leadentry'('CuLast', 'CuFirst', 'COBool', 'COFirst', 'COLast', 'CuAddrs1', 'CuA' at line 1

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What database server are you using? It does not seem to like you trying to enclosethe database or tablename with ' – hank Feb 16 '13 at 9:36
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Change you code to: You have used wrong '' you hav to use `` which is above the TAB button on keyboard

  function createLead($CuFirst, $CuLast, $COBool, $COFirst, $COLast, $CuAddrs1,     $CuAddrs2, $CuCity, $CuZip, $CuEmail, $CuDphone, $CuHphone, $CuCphone, $BuildYr, $HoAge, $NoWindows, $NoWindowQuote, $WindowType1, $WindowType2, $WindowType3, $WindowType4, $GlassType1, $GlassType2, $Doors1, $Doors2, $Doors3, $Doors4, $Issue1, $Issue2, $Issue3, $Issue4, $Issue5, $Issue6, $Issue6, $Issue7, $Event, $Staff, $DigiSign, $Comments) {
     $CreateLead = "INSERT INTO  `rbaevent`.`leadentry` (
    VALUES ('$CuFirst', '$CuLast', '$COBool', '$COFirst', '$COLast', '$CuAddrs1', '$CuAddrs2', '$CuCity', '$CuZip', '$CuEmail', '$CuDphone', '$CuHphone', '$CuCphone', '$BuildYr', '$HoAge', '$NoWindows', '$NoWindowQuote', '$WindowType1', '$WindowType2', '$WindowType3', '$WindowType4', '$GlassType1', '$GlassType2', '$Doors1', '$Doors2', '$Doors3', '$Doors4', '$Issue1', '$Issue2', '$Issue3', '$Issue4', '$Issue5', '$Issue6', '$Issue6', '$Issue7',  '$Event', '$Staff', '$DigiSign' ,'$Comments')";
  return $CreateLead;

And that's it!

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Thanks! I am such an idiot! I thought I had used those, I actually changed all of the ` to '... What an idiot I am! – Charlie Feb 16 '13 at 10:02
@Charlie You'r Welcome! – sandip Feb 16 '13 at 10:28

You can't use these quotes when you point a table in SQL query

INTO  'rbaevent'.'leadentry' (

should be

INTO  `rbaevent`.`leadentry` (
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Or don't use any quotes at all - even better. – a_horse_with_no_name Feb 16 '13 at 9:42

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