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I'm allowing admins to choose a different layout for their page. Right now it's just a text input and they type the name in. This means they have to know the name in advance.

If they make a typo it would raise an exception, so I am checking the layout exists by doing the following in the controller and if it doesn't exist it defaults to "application".

lookup_context.template_exists?(@page.layout, "layouts")

If I can get a list of layouts I don't need to check in the controller anymore.

I've had a look through actionview and found nothing. I could use Dir to get a list of layout files but I need all layouts from included engines.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows a way to generate a list of all available layouts including those from engines?

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By convention, all the layouts are present in the app/views/layouts directory. The layouts available to you by default are the files present in this directory. To get the list of layouts, try this :

@layouts = Dir.glob('app/views/layouts/*')
for layout in @layouts
    puts layout

If you have defined a custom path for the engines in your app as described here, you will have to add those layouts explicitly:

@layouts << Dir.glob('custom_engine_path/*')
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Thanks, using Dir was the way we went in the end – Chris Gaunt Mar 21 '13 at 8:23
I would suggest Dir.glob(Rails.root.join('app', 'views', 'layouts').to_s + '/*') to avoid relative path hassle. – philippe_b Mar 29 '15 at 21:09

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