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I want to delete all the full stops ( . ) in a string.

Therefore I tried: inpt = inpt.replaceAll(".", "");, but instead of deleting only the full stops, it deletes the entire content of the string.

Is it possible to delete only the full stops? Thank you for your answers!

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Change "." to "\\." – Maroun Maroun Feb 16 '13 at 10:10

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replaceAll takes a regular expressions as an argument, and . in a regex means "any character".

You can use replace instead:

inpt = inpt.replace(".", "");

It will remove all occurences of ..

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String#replaceAll(String, String) takes a regex. The dot is a regex meta character that will match anything.


inpt = inpt.replace(".", "");

it will also replace every dot in your inpt, but treats the first parameter as a literal sequence, see JavaDoc.

If you want to stick to regex, you have to escape the dot:

inpt = inpt.replaceAll("\\.", "");
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Don't use replaceAll(), use replace():

inpt = inpt.replace(".", "");

It is a common misconception that replace() doesn't replace all occurrences, because there's a replaceAll() method, but in fact both replace all occurrences. The difference between the two methods is that replaceAll() matches on a regex (fyi a dot in regex means "any character", which explains what you were experiencing) whereas replace() matches on a literal String.

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I think you have to mask the dot

inpt = inpt.replaceAll("\\.", "");
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replaceAll use a regex, please use the following:

inpt = inpt.replaceAll("\\.", "")
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updated, it should be \\. – Joe Feb 16 '13 at 10:18

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