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Suppose I write a number 23456, I try to add 2 to it,so i press 2 then Ctrl A by keeping the cursor on the first number, i get correct result as 23458.

But, when it comes to a huge number like "33333333333333333333333333399999999999999999999999932" and then i try to add 2 , by pressing 2 and then CTRL A , i get a garbage(i don't know what to call it) value as "1733895256476221375". I don't know what is happening.Am i missing here something?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks in advance, I am using GVIM on linux 7.3 version.

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Vim internally uses integer arithmetic; it has no notion of arbitrarily large numbers. Therefore, the result is limited to signed 32-bit (so far also in 64-bit versions of Vim (at least on Windows)); i.e. the maximum value is 0x7fffffff = 2147483647.

You can probably perform the low-digit addition in your head, and then use r{number} to adapt the number.

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Okay,Thanks for the info,at least i know the issue now. –  Kabir Feb 16 '13 at 11:19

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