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I need to catch the combination of Apple + C in GWT NativePreviewHandler

Here is the code that use to catch CTRL + C and it works:

nativeEventsHandlerRegistration = Event.addNativePreviewHandler(new Event.NativePreviewHandler() {

    public void onPreviewNativeEvent(Event.NativePreviewEvent event) {

        NativeEvent nativeEvent = event.getNativeEvent();

        if (Event.getTypeInt(nativeEvent.getType()) == Event.ONKEYDOWN) {
            if (nativeEvent.getCtrlKey() && 'C' == nativeEvent.getKeyCode()) {      
                // do something



I need the same thing but for MAC, any ideas?

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@GWT4Ever You can post that as answer. Seems a valid answer to me... –  SSR Feb 18 '13 at 5:52

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There was already a discussion very similar to yours at stackoverflow go check it out:

How does one capture a Mac's command key via Javascript?

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Yep, saw it in the comment. Thanks, this is very helpful. –  David Tolioupov Feb 18 '13 at 16:17

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