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Application has Add to Cart button, which creates new @line_item (code is based on Agile Development with Rails). I added an Ajax-feature, so Add to Cart doesn't reload page, and adds @line_item to @cart.

But Rails does this three times per once button push!

I push "Add to Cart", and it adds 3 items.

Also, when I emty cart, it asks me three times "Are you sure?" Have no idea, what may cause these, any ideas?

def create
@cart = current_cart
product = Product.find(params[:product_id]) 
@line_item = @cart.add_product(product.id)
respond_to do |format|
if @line_item.save
format.html { redirect_to(store_url) }
format.xml { render :xml => @line_item,
:status => :created, :location => @line_item }
format.html { render :action => "new" }
format.xml { render :xml => @line_item.errors,
:status => :unprocessable_entity }


<%= button_to 'Add to Cart' , line_items_path(:product_id => product),:remote => true %>


$('#cart').html("<%= escape_javascript(render(@cart)) %>");

_cart.html.erb template:

<div class="cart_title" >Your Cart</div>
<%= render(cart.line_items) %>
<tr class="total_line" >
<td colspan="2" >Total</td>
<td class="total_cell" ><%= number_to_currency(cart.total_price) %></td>
<%= button_to 'Empty cart' , cart, :method => :delete,
:confirm => 'Are you sure?' %>

_line_item.html.erb template:

<td><%= line_item.quantity %>&times;</td>
<td><%= line_item.product.title %></td>
<td class="item_price" ><%= number_to_currency(line_item.total_price) %></td>
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Please show us the code for this button, as well as the full source for the page. – Ryan Bigg Feb 16 '13 at 10:52
edited mu first post with additional info – Joe Half Face Feb 16 '13 at 12:17
It happened once with me, all the events were being fired twice. Is it the case with you? If yes, then may be some of your gems/javasript files are adding jquery more than once. – Manoj Monga Feb 16 '13 at 14:02
Deleted js file, same stuff, so probably not – Joe Half Face Feb 16 '13 at 14:16
but how to solve this trouble if it was Jquery or gem bug? – Joe Half Face Feb 16 '13 at 14:28
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Problem solved.

On my view application layout I thought it is right to do like that

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <%= stylesheet_link_tag "store" %>
  <%= javascript_include_tag 'application' %>
  <%= csrf_meta_tags %>
  <%= stylesheet_link_tag "carts" %>
  <%= javascript_include_tag 'cart' %> #this
  <%= csrf_meta_tags %>

Actually, i suppose once you have used "application" on main page, #this dublicates execution of JS code

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