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I am looking forward to have a Event Listener, which gives me a possibility to start my actionscript after the FLV movie has finished its playing.

In AS2 I had the function VideoEvent.COMPLETE but that doesn't work in AS3.

I am using, Flash Action Player: 11.4

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Perhaps this answers your question... stackoverflow.com/questions/13180087/… –  crooksy88 Feb 16 '13 at 11:52

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Check if following statement is added,

 import fl.video.VideoEvent;

If still not working, then check Flash Version (must be above 10)

Yet no solution then try following,

check if it is "Event" not "VideoEvent",

yourFLVPlayer.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onFLVPlayingCompleted);

 function onFLVPlayingCompleted(e:Event):void
      trace("Finished playing FLV");

I am just giving another tryout if event.complete is not working. Try the following code. Check for playheadTime.

 yourFLVPlayer.addEventListener(VideoEvent.STATE_CHANGE, flvPlayerStateChanged);     

 function flvPlayerStateChanged(e:VideoEvent):void
      if (yourFLVPlayer.getVideoPlayer(0).state != "playing")
          trace("Stopped playing FLV"); 

          //You might check for playhead time

          //if playheadtime is equal to total time of flv then you call it as end of FLV

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The yourFLVPlayer.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onFLVPlayingCompleted); is correct. Thanks ! The Problem was, VideoEvent.Comlete changed to Event.Complete. –  zoom23 Feb 18 '13 at 8:47

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