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Is there a way to load data at run time from a .properties file?

Using the Constants interface the data is hardcoded and I need to recompile for update my properties. I want to do this without recompile.

I read about the class Dictionary, but my data will be shown in the HTML host page. Is it secure?

Is there another way?

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Maybe this helps you: stackoverflow.com/questions/2708306/…. You can store your property file on server side and get its content with RequestBuilder. Also you can process it on server side and put it into JSON format in property-value pairs. –  qben Feb 16 '13 at 13:11

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We use a RequestBuilder to fetch .js file with i18n string key/value pair and then parse it using GWT Dictionary class.

GWT I18n Guide - https://developers.google.com/web-toolkit/doc/latest/DevGuideI18n

Using GWT Dictionary - http://google-web-toolkit.googlecode.com/svn/javadoc/latest/com/google/gwt/i18n/client/Dictionary.html

Note -

1) We use it for processing only label values which require I18N.

2) We use it with htpps, XSS and XSRF features enabled in GWT.

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