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i have problem with smarty, actually i cant loop data which i gathered from DB.

This is getreputation function

function getreputation($username)
global $rDB;

$rows = $rDB->select('
    SELECT *
    FROM account_reputation
    WHERE username=?

foreach($rows as $row)
    $reputation = array();
    $reputation['user'] = $row['username'];
    $reputation['reputation'] = $row['reputation'];
    $reputation['action'] = $row['reason'];
    $reputation['date'] = $row['date'];

return $reputation;

Here is how i assign this function to tpl

$smarty->assign('reputation', getreputation($page['username']));

And finaly this is foreach loop

{foreach from=$reputation item=reputation}
<tr><td width="33%"><center>
{if $reputation.action == 1}Registering an account
{elseif $reputation.action == 2}Daily visit
{elseif $reputation.action == 3}Posting a comment
{elseif $reputation.action == 4}Your comment was voted up (each upvote)
{elseif $reputation.action == 5}Submitting a screenshot
{elseif $reputation.action == 6}Submitting a guide (approved)
{elseif $reputation.action == 7}Earning a <font color="brown">Copper</font> <a href="/?website-achievements">website achievement</a>
{elseif $reputation.action == 8}Earning a Silver <a href="/?website-achievements">website achievement</a>
{elseif $reputation.action == 9}Earning a <font color="gold">Gold</font> <a href="/?website-achievements">website achievement</a>
{else}Achievement not found
</center></td><td width="33%">
<center><font color='green'>+{$reputation.reputation}
</font></center></td><td width="33%"><center>

All i can see is Main site output of foreach

So output of foreach is totally wrong Can someone help me to fix this problem?

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Use a different variable for the item. {foreach from=$reputation item=rep} and access as $rep.action in the loop. –  Michael Berkowski Feb 16 '13 at 12:48
Have you checked the value of "reputation" via {debug} somewhere in your Smarty template? –  Niko Feb 16 '13 at 12:49
@Niko yep, i checked, everything is loading to tpl as it should, problem in foreach –  Ivan Zhivolupov Feb 16 '13 at 12:54
@MichaelBerkowski tried this already, no result, still displaying results as on image –  Ivan Zhivolupov Feb 16 '13 at 12:55

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First of all, your PHP function as you posted it here will never return more than one row as you're overwriting the value of $reputation all the time.

function getreputation($username) {
    global $rDB;
    $rows = $rDB->select('SELECT * FROM account_reputation WHERE username=? ORDER BY id DESC', $username);

    // Initialize the array that will be filled with the single rows
    $reputation = array();
    foreach($rows as $row) {
        // Create a temporal variable with a different name
        $rep = array();
        $rep['user'] = $row['username'];
        $rep['reputation'] = $row['reputation'];
        $rep['action'] = $row['reason'];
        $rep['date'] = $row['date'];

        // Add this array to the other one
        $reputation[] = $rep;

    return $reputation;

Then, in your Smarty code, you're supposed to use a different variable name for the current item (as suggested by Michael Berkowski):

{foreach from=$reputation item=rep}
    <tr><td width="33%"><center>
    {if $rep.action == 1}Registering an account
    {elseif $rep.action == 2}Daily visit
    {else}Achievement not found

    <td width="33%"><center><font color='green'>+{$rep.reputation}
    <td width="33%"><center>{$rep.date}</center></td>
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