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When deploying a Camel route to FuseESB, as FuseESB tries to start up the jar file, it gives the following exception in the log:

Found initial references null for OSGi service (&(language=js)

This causes the bundle to enter a grace period for a few minutes, after which it times out and its status moves to failed. Note that I'm not using javascript in the application, but I assume it is loaded as part of loading Camel core.

Details of my setup:

  • Code in question is written using an OSGi blueprint xml file to define the beans.
  • Code is packaged as a jar, as opposed to an OSGi bundle.
  • Code is deployed by being dropped into the deploy directory so it is deployed by the FAB deployer.

I believe I have the relevant Camel features installed.

Output from features:list:

[installed  ] [2.10.0.fuse-71-047] camel-script-javascript camel-2.10.0.fuse-71-047
[installed  ] [2.10.0.fuse-71-047] camel-script            camel-2.10.0.fuse-71-047 
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I have worked around this by:

  • reverting to a spring xml file to define the beans
  • packaging the code as a bundle, not a jar

I still don't understand why the Blueprint version didn't work, but the question is now less urgent than it was.

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With FAB you should declare the dependencies to your Camel components in your pom.xml file, and use scope=provided.

See more details at: http://fuse.fusesource.org/bundle/overview.html

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