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I'm embarking on maltparser. I want to apply the offered

pre-trained model 'engmalt.linear-1.7' to parsing

english sentence on command line.

I download the engmalt and changed its file name from

'' to 'engmalt.linear-1.7.mco'. I

save the example english sentence (on engmalt's download page)

in 'infile.conll' and run on command line.

I can't get the result and there's a strange error:

No label symbol available for label 'FORM'.

(By the way, if I test the '/maltparser-

1.7.1/examples/data/talbanken05_test.conll' of maltparser

package,it can surprisingly get the dependency! )

  • Q1: Should I change the filename extension of 'engmalt.linear'?

  • Q2: Why I can use engmalt to parse 'talbanken05_test.conll'(not

english sentence)?

  • Q3:Why there's an error when I parse english sentence?What does

it mean?

Thanks a lot !

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Are you sure you have tabs separating the columns in the sentence you copied from the download page? – aab Feb 16 '13 at 19:31
Thanks ,that's the problem. :) – Bean Fang Feb 28 '13 at 8:30

This is an old question, and I'm not sure the OP still wants an answer. The correct format you should use with the pre-trained model is the ten column format which is defined in this xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<dataformat name="conllx">
    <column name="ID" category="INPUT" type="INTEGER"/>
    <column name="FORM" category="INPUT" type="STRING"/>
    <column name="LEMMA" category="INPUT" type="STRING"/>
    <column name="CPOSTAG" category="INPUT" type="STRING"/>
    <column name="POSTAG" category="INPUT" type="STRING"/>
    <column name="FEATS" category="INPUT" type="STRING"/>
    <column name="HEAD" category="HEAD" type="INTEGER"/>
    <column name="DEPREL" category="DEPENDENCY_EDGE_LABEL" type="STRING"/>
    <column name="PHEAD" category="IGNORE" type="INTEGER" default="_"/>
    <column name="PDEPREL" category="IGNORE" type="STRING" default="_"/>

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