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How can I do that? Do I have to use regular expressions?

To clarify, let's say I have the following files in a directory: abc.sh acb.sh example.c bob.php - and I want to list the ones which has 'c' as second letter (i.e. acb.sh).


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If you are working in the shell

ls ?c*

is all that it takes.

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It works, thank you! –  Jonhas Feb 16 '13 at 14:56

What about

ls ?c*

I guess it will do.. question mark stands for single character.

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ls | grep "^.c"

Also works, here ^ indicates beginning of line, so ^. says match any single character at beginning and then match c.

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Also you can use find command:

find ./ -name "?c*.*"
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ls . | grep '^.c'

where . represents the present working directory


find / -type d -exec grep '^.c' {};


find / -type d | grep '^.c'
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