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I am having problems with JQuery Mobile page transitions and updating a Select tag with data retrieved from a database.

I have uploaded my code to a website so it can be viewed in full http://www.numyspace.co.uk/~unn_v008818/help/TicketManagement.html

Everything works fine when I load the TicketManagement.html initially, but when I click the 'KnowledgeSearch' tab the Selects aren't filled with data unless I then refresh the page manually.

I have tried every solution posted to similar questions but i've had no luck. I have tried the following:

Moving the tags after the 'data-role="page"' section Substituting 'href="KnowledgeSearch.html' for $.mobile.ChangePage() with reloadPage: true

I have added KnowledgeSearch.js into the TicketManagement.html so it is loaded initially.

I have tried putting the $('select').selectmenu('refresh') in a separate event after pageinit.

I have tried changing pageinit to pageshow, pagebeforeshow.

I have changed everything back to how it was when I found the problem so the KnowledgeSearch.js doesn't load on pageinit unless the page is refreshed manually.

I would appreciate any help, thankyou!

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have you tried page.trigger('pagecreate');. where page is ("$sometag") –  Sir Lojik Feb 16 '13 at 15:17
Just found out the problem - When I tried the 'data-ajax="false"' solution from another thread I put it in the data-role tag rather than the Listview <li> tag. Thanks for the help anyhow. Link to solution: stackoverflow.com/questions/8171251/… –  SkelDave Feb 16 '13 at 15:36

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