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We have been designing our reports around Crystal Reports in VS2008 for our web application and I just discovered the Microsoft provided ReportViewer control. I've searched around a bit but cannot find a good breakdown of the pros and cons of each method of producing reports.

I'm looking for pros and cons regarding:

  • Ease of development
  • Ease of deployment
  • Ability to export data
  • Ease of support and finding help on the web
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Well, I can answer one side. I have used ReportViewer aka Client Side Reporting. I cna tell you its easy to use, easy to deploy, easy to develop. If you can create SQL Reporting Services reports you can create these. They can take any kind of datasource so you have full control.

Here is an excellent book on Client Side reporting:

You can export using PDF and Excel built in, but you can add your own export handling also. You can use in winfporms,, in your own services, you can do really anything you can imagie with them.

For crystal, i dont know enough about them, sorry.

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I can say that the more I use Crystal Reports (and that has been for more than 9 years), the more I want to move away from it. The only reason why you would want to stay there, is if you have a lot of CR reports already up and running.

Crystal Reports is the "one-stop shop" that the user see as the "heaven made" reporting engine and turns out to be overbloated, crowded with bugs and license reqs.

It's very powerful, but at a price; it is complex and not always does what you want.

There are better alternatives out there.

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We've been using crystal report for our reporting, there is always the issue of portability since you have to package the crystal runtime with your application. also, with client side reporting much of its power is not utilized. reportviewer is simple and easy and full of features you'll need.

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