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I am using Redemption (RDO) to send an e-mail. The mailiing works just fine, but when in Outlook the mail is recieved, the yellow envelope keeps closed. Normally you click on an unopened e-mail and then the icon change from a yellow closed envelope to a white opened envelope. When I send an e-mail using RDO the envelope stays yellow and closed.

How can I suppress that the envelope goes open?

Here is my code:

RDOSessionClass rdoSession = new RDOSessionClass();
rdoSession.LogonExchangeMailbox("username", "server");

// Create mail object and send mail
RDOMailClass m = (RDOMailClass)rdoSession.GetSharedDefaultFolder("user", rdoDefaultFolders.olFolderInbox).Items.Add("IPM.Mail");
m.Recipients.ResolveAll(null, null);
m.Subject = _mail.Subject;
m.Body = _mail.Body;
m.SenderEmailAddress = "email@address.domain";
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I've found the answer. In my code I've used IPM.Mail, which doesn't exists. It has to be IPM.Note. Now it is working just fine.

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