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My web site has a design where a grid of records is shown. For each record the user might edit it (a GET request) or change its status (this should be a PUT). Do I have a way of doing this without using Javascript?

That is, my current options are:

  • Use Javascript in a link handler to change the request type as needed.
  • Separate the GET and PUT activities to separate web pages.
  • Do the status change via a GET and turn a blind eye to REST specifications right here.

Are there other options?

Thanks, Jerome.

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How's changing a record's status not an edit? And a GET request should never change a resource. –  DanMan Feb 16 '13 at 19:31
The status change is an edit, as I said. It is a last-resort to using the RESTful URI and no Javascript. Based on things, I can't get everything I asked for. However, I now plan on using a Javascript date formatter, so I'd use option 1) above. –  Jerome P Mrozak Feb 21 '13 at 2:46

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A GET should not have any side-effects and a PUT would replace the whole resource at the location given by the URI. So the former should be a POST. The latter should be as well, unless it does in fact send the whole resource. A POST is possible without Javascript, obviously.

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