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I have this situation:

Stories has many Tasks
Tasks have an integer called hours_left

I need a named scope to find Stories which all its tasks has more than 0 hours left.

Based on this post. I wrote this:

class Story
  has_many :tasks
  named_scope :uncompleted, { 
    :joins=>["INNER JOIN tasks ON tasks.story_id = stories.id"],
    :group=> 'stories.id',
    :select=>'stories.*, SUM(tasks.hours_left) AS sum_amount',
    :having=>"sum_amount > 0"

But Story.uncompleted returns an empty array.

Can you help me?

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I also noticed that if I remove the :having=>"sum_amount > 0" condition I get all the stories: Those with 0 hours left has the attribute hours_left set to "0" but the rest (those I want) have hours_left set to nil. –  Manuel M Sep 29 '09 at 8:28

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Solved. That code actually works, the problem is that it returns nil as result of the sum if any of the tasks has hours_left = nil. I validated presence of hours_left and that's all.

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