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I wonder if setting my CBCentralManager-instance to nil result in loss of connection to devices, do I need a "live" CBCentralManager to be able to keep the connection alive?

I currently have a manager for scanning and connecting to new devices in a Viewcontroller pushed over the default ViewController with a NavigationController. The problem occur when I am done with the connection, I press the back button and my connection is lost according to the bluetooth indicator in the top statusbar, but if i inspect the CBPeripheral it still has the status of _isConnected==YES;

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No it won't. What you do with your pointer isn't relevant for the others in this case. Without ARC, this has no effect at all (in no case). With ARC, it might trigger a release call. But even that isn't relevant to the devices.

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Thank you, will have to search for the error elsewhere then. a.k.a. rollback to my working code. –  Nils Larson Feb 16 '13 at 17:04

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