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I have a button which I add an HTML class and the java class clickHandler to:

Button someButton = new Button();

Then my java class clickHandler looks like:

public void onClick(ClickEvent event){
    Widget sender = (Widget) event.getSource();
    if(sender == someOtherWidget){
    }else if(...){

What I would like to do is add something to the clickHandler which will make it do something if the sender widger has the someClass HTML class. Something like:

else if(sender.getClassName().equals("someClass")){

However, the widget doesn't have getClassName(). Anyone have a suggestion about how to get the HTML class applied on the widget? Thank you much!

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Figured out what I was doing wrong. This:

else if(sender.getClassName().equals("someClass")){

Should be this:

else if(sender.getElement().getClassName().equals("someClass")){
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Is this working? I would have expected to use String#equals ... I wouldn't expect "==" to work for string comparisons. –  Andy King Feb 19 '13 at 20:36
@AndyKing: Very good point. I discovered that problem as well after getting the first part to work and didn't even think about coming back here to correct this answer. Updating the answer (and question) now, thanks. –  golmschenk Feb 20 '13 at 17:06

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