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I want to check whether the "contenteditable" or any HTML5 property is supported by user browser or not ?

So here is my JavaScript:

var isEditable=false;
function chk() {
    var z=document.getElementById("mydivid");

    if(typeof(z["isContentEditable"])==="boolean") {

function doEdit() {
    var z=document.getElementById("mydivid");
    if(isEditable) {
    } else {
        /* add a texbox and put all div's innerHTML into it, All in all:  a Boring Stuff. */

And Here is HTML:

<a href="#" onclick="doEdit();">Click To Edit </a>
<div id="mydivid"> Hi Ssup ?? <img src='' alt="some image" /></div>

Can Anyone tell me Whether My Approach is right ? Will it work in IE(version<8.0) ? And Also A better approach is needed !

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To chcek if any propery exits for a element. You can do this

var element = document.createElement('__ELEMENT__');
if ('__PROPERTY__' in element ) {
    // property supported in the browser


if ('__PROPERTY__' in document.createElement('__ELEMENT__') ) {
    // property supported in the browser

The below link contains it all.

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Simple check:

if ('isContentEditable' in document.createElement('span')) {
    // supported

I will also share this great selection of snippets it will help you in future:

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Thanks For Sharing Such a Great Information ! – Vedant Terkar Feb 16 '13 at 18:00

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