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I need to store the OpenCV PCA object (eigenvalues, eigenvectors) for a set of training images to a persistent store, that I can reload for testing later. I am using the OpenCV 2.4 feature XML/YAML file storages to write my eigenvectors and eigenvalues matrices to a yaml file. However, when reloading the file and projecting the same input image into the reloaded PCA space I don't get a difference between projections of 0? I believe I'm losing precision somehow but can't seem to figure out why? I've based my code on an answer given by @Link in his solution "Saving pca object in opencv"

int numPrincipalComponents = db.size()-1;
Mat output1, output2;
PCA pca(matrix, global_mean_vec, CV_PCA_DATA_AS_ROW, numPrincipalComponents);

pca.project(matrix.row(0), output1); //Project first image into orig. PCA

Mat eigenvalues = pca.eigenvalues.clone();
Mat eigenvectors = pca.eigenvectors.clone(); 

//Write matrices to pca_happy.yml
FileStorage fs("./Train/FileStore/pca_happy.yml", FileStorage::WRITE);
fs << "Eigenvalues" << eigenvalues;
fs << "Eigenvector" << eigenvectors;

//Load matrices from pca_happy.yml
FileStorage fs1("./Train/FileStore/pca_happy.yml", FileStorage::READ);
Mat loadeigenvectors, loadeigenvalues;
fs1["Eigenvalues"] >> eigenvalues;
fs1["Eigenvector"] >> eigenvectors;

PCA pca2;
pca2.mean = global_mean_vec;
pca2.eigenvalues = loadeigenvalues;
pca2.eigenvectors = loadeigenvectors;

pca2.project(matrix.row(0), output2);

Mat diff;
absdiff(output1, output2, diff);


However the difference is 88.4 and should be 0, as I'm projecting the exact same image. Do I need to store each row of the eigenvector matrix? Any suggestion is much appreciated!

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I made a very stupid mistake when setting the eigenvalues, eigenvectors and means or pca2!

PCA pca2;
pca2.mean = global_mean_vec;
pca2.eigenvalues = loadeigenvalues;
pca2.eigenvectors = loadeigenvectors;

Should be:

PCA pca2;
pca2.mean = global_mean_vec.clone();
pca2.eigenvalues = loadeigenvalues.clone();
pca2.eigenvectors = loadeigenvectors.clone();

Hope this can help someone else as well!

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did you compute the mean vector correctly? I only made two small modifications: (with my own matrix)

PCA pca(matrix, Mat(), CV_PCA_DATA_AS_ROW, numPrincipalComponents);//compute mean automatically
pca2.mean = pca.mean;

and the diff is zero.

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I guess, PCA2 should be:

Mat eigenvalues1,eigenvectors1;
FileStorage fs1("fileName.yml", FileStorage::READ);
//Mat loadeigenvectors, loadeigenvalues;
fs1["Eigenvalues"] >> eigenvalues1;
fs1["Eigenvector"] >> eigenvectors1;

PCA pca2;
pca2.mean = pca.mean;
pca2.eigenvalues = eigenvalues1;
pca2.eigenvectors = eigenvectors1;
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