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I need to implement some plot like that or that in my app , it can be even something similar.

I made a search on Qt web site with no progress , and I saw Qwt package but nothing similar there.

Any ideas?

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I strongly recommend Qwt.

Qwt is a mature, well-documented library and, I think it's fair to say, the standard solution for implementing plots and other display and control widgets in Qt.

If you need 3D plots, try QwtPlot3D.

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How about QCustomPlot? It seems to be better option now. – Isaac Feb 22 at 18:09

I love QCustomPlot which is a Qt C++ library. It focuses on making good looking, publication quality 2D plots, graphs and charts and also has high performance for real-time visualization applications. You can get it here:

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As an alternative to Qwt you might also consider qt-plotting-widget which may be a simpler option.

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This is now called QCustomPlot: – AstroFloyd Jun 15 '14 at 8:27

I'm using Qwt for that. The trick is to use a step function (see last example by this link), and shift the data by 0.5, so that bars will be centered to ticks. Here is an example of what you can get with alpha blending and anti-aliasing enabled: my histogram. Hope, you will do even better ;-)

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Qt has no support for plotting out of the box.

The most basic solution is to use QGraphicsView. Simply render your plot using the various items.

Other than that, you can follow this thread. It contains a couple of pointer to plotting frameworks but I don't know how useful they are or whether they are still supported in Qt 4.x.

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Here is an answer with source code for plotting points in a QGraphicsView very easily (11 lines of code). It doesn't seem like it does it out of the box at first, but it is just because the Graphics View Framework is a lot more powerful than a standard painter.

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QCustomPlot is really easy to get started and there is plenty of Cartesian plot types you can do. Having said that, performance-wise it is not as good as other people say if you intend to plot large time series all at once. It internally uses a QMap to store the data which means that for every data point you insert or remove when populating, there is going to be one allocation / release of memory to add the data point to the map. See this post for more information.

Another thing I don't like is that even for simple plots it uses internally a struct QCPData that stores 6 double values when you would normally need two (x and y). That is, it triples the amount of memory you need to display a time series.

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Qt 5.6 now includes Qt Charts 2.1, which supports bar charts (as well as 7 other kinds).

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Is it available in open-source distribution? I cannot seem to be able to use the charts module. – Violet Giraffe May 24 at 5:43

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