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Here is my code. Im not sure why this isnt working. It says index exceed matrix dimensions. and then it says Error in grayscale1 (line 7) avg=mean(pic(col, row, :)); I want to use the function by inputing image(grayscale1(imagename))

Also here is my prompt Write a function named “grayscale1.m” that receives a filename for an image file and returns a 3-D array with a grayscale version of the image. It should work for images of any size. Your solution should use nested loops to set the value of every pixel.

function grayscale1(picture)
pic = imread(picture);
[r c] = size(pic); 
    for row = 1:r 
         for col = 1:c 
             avg=mean(pic(row, col, :));
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1 Answer

If pic is a 3-dimensional array, then this:

[r c] = size(pic);

will give you size of 1st dimension in r and multiplication of sizes of 2nd and 3rd dimensions in c. It's probably not what you want. So you should do:

[r c ignore] = size(pic);  


r = size(pic, 1);
c = size(pic, 2);
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