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I created an Eclipse project and I need to use the Super CSV library with Dozer. I downloaded the Super CSV and created a new folder "super-csv" in /usr/lib.

Now I have: /usr/lib/super-csv/super-csv that contains the super csv jar (+ javadoc and source), /usr/lib/super-csv/super-csv-dozer that contains the super csv dozer jar, javadoc and source plus a "lib" folder.

Inside /usr/lib/super-csv/super-csv-dozer/lib there are many .jar files that are needed for super-csv-dozer to work, so I added it as native library for super-csv-dozer entry in library tab of java build path in Eclipse.

When I try to compile the project, I receive a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException pointing a class that is contained in one of the jar files in the lib folder.

Everything works only if I manually add every jar in lib folder as an external jar.

Can someone explain me where I am doing wrong?

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I'd recommend using Maven - it's a widely used tool for Java builds. To start using Super CSV, it would be as simple as adding the 2 dependencies (listed on the Super CSV website), and your Eclipse project would be ready to go.

There's a bit of a learning curve though, so if you want to just add the jars to Eclipse's build path manually, I'd recommend creating a lib directory at the root of your project and putting all of the jars there.

    |  |- (your source in here)

You can then add them to the build path (here's a good guide).

Just a note: if you're not using the Dozer extension, then you'll only need super-csv-2.0.1.jar on the build path.

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Maven is not "the" industry standard, it is "an" industry standard. Don't have tunnel vision. – stepanian Dec 9 '14 at 0:06
Fair enough - my point was that it's a good idea to use a build tool, and (for Java) Maven is a good place to start being the most widely used. Yet there's people out there still using Ant, and lots who have moved to Gradle (me included), so I've happily edited this answer. – Hound Dog Dec 9 '14 at 12:07

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