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I'm developing a c# touch application for windows 8, desktop mode, and i'm unable to find the best approach to do it. My question is: Should I use the existent Windows 7 Touch API c# or there is a new multitouch c# API that can be used to develop windows 8 desktops apps?

I know that windows 8 have legacy support for the win7 touch api, just need some insight and feedback if still is the best and only way to do it.

Does anyone had a previous experience with this problem?

Edited: I found this article: , basically the UIElement exposes methods that enable touch manipulation. Maybe this is the way to go. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

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Windows 8 API has a new API based on WM_POINTER message see

Windows 7 API has some drawbacks, see

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Thanks Maf, but i think that the Pointer API is to be used with c++ code and I can't find a similar API to c#. – Ivo Feb 16 '13 at 20:49
Then WPF 4 Multitouch API is the way to go. Microsoft has just introduced new multitouch API in Windows 8 Metro apps and C++ low level events. – Maf Feb 17 '13 at 11:44

WM_TOUCHxxx messages are not prone to this problem:

Both the WM_TOUCHxxx and WM_POINTERxxx message will be prone this this problem:

If your c# desktop application is using WPF, your only viable option is to implement your own TOUCHDEVICE that fixes these underlying issues, since it appears Microsoft has decided WPF touch is no longer important.

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