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Trying to get ffmpeg working in Visual Studio 2010. So far all ffmpeg headers and libs are loaded, no error or warning occurs.

AVFormatContext *pFormatCtx = NULL;
char errbuf[256];
pFormatCtx = avformat_alloc_context();
int rv = avformat_open_input(&pFormatCtx, "myfile.ext", NULL, NULL);
if (rv!=0){                              
    av_strerror(rv, errbuf, sizeof(errbuf));

The problem is, avformat_open_input always returning -1330794744 (errbuf="Protocol not found"). Tried x86 & x64 headers and libs on 32bit XP and 64bit W7. Whatever I put for "myfile.ext" (tried "file1.avi", "file=c:\file1.avi", "http://www.someweb.com/file1.avi", and even empty char* "") response is always "Protocol not found". Any ideas?

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I was having the same problem. The correct initialization is

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