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This one is tough ! Please don't mistake this for a newbie question ;) I have far too many miles in this OpenCV + MinGW static stuff for the simple mistakes....

Environment: a. Qt 5.0.1 built with MinGW (the standard opensource download from qt-project) - so everything is built with the same MinGW environment. b. Using CMake I setup minimal build (using the same g++/gcc as Qt) and turned OFF SHARED_LIBRARIES. c. generated the cmake + mingw32-make + mingw32-make install works fine.

up till here everything looks pretty smooth ...

Now when I added:

win32-g++:INCLUDEPATH += D:/Dev/opencv/build/install/include
win32-g++:LIBS += -LD:/Dev/opencv/build/install/lib
win32-g++:LIBS += -static
win32-g++:LIBS += -llibopencv_core243d
win32-g++:LIBS += -llibopencv_imgproc243d
win32-g++:LIBS += -llibopencv_highgui243d

(and also without the "win32-g++" addition..)

I get d:/dev/qt/qt5.0.1/tools/mingw/bin/../lib/gcc/i686-w64-mingw32/4.7.2/../../../../i686-w64-mingw32/bin/ld.exe: cannot find -llibopencv_highgui243d


now.. I do have libopencv_highgui243d.a in the right directory, but the ld.exe linker is ignoring anything else than a lib ! which supposed to be a MS library (which I wanted to avoid in the first place!!!) - I even tried to rename the .a files to .lib which caused the linker to regard the files, but show many "unreferenced" errors...

So who's to blame? the linker? CMake? mingw? Qt? ....

I tried many command line / flag options but without success ..

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Hello mister expert, have you tried without the initial lib? Example: LIBS += -lopencv_core243d – karlphillip Feb 17 '13 at 15:07
I've had success in the past doing this stuff passing the full path to the file and full filename to LIBS (including the extension of the file. Example: LIBS += D:/blah/blah/libopencv_highgui243d.a – karlphillip Feb 17 '13 at 15:11
Hey Karlphillip.. that is most odd but you are true! it is very much odd because the filename is indeed libopencv_core243d.a (with the lib) so who on earth thought about cutting the start of the filename???? !!! WHAT A STUPID COMMANDLINE / CONVENTION ... ~~~~ That makes me angry! but thanks X100000 ! – user1241378 Feb 17 '13 at 22:46
" I have far too many miles in this OpenCV + MinGW static stuff for the simple mistakes...." - My first thought: I bet the answer will be simple. – Christoph Nov 13 '13 at 0:13
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You should be referring to the libraries as:

LIBS += -lopencv_core243d
LIBS += -lopencv_imgproc243d
LIBS += -lopencv_highgui243d

Since -l already inserts lib at the beginning of the name.

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