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for example this checkBox click can trigger webflow event

<td><g:checkBox name="isSelected" value="${contestantInstance.id}" checked="false"     onclick="${remoteFunction(action:'selectCheck',_eventID:Next id:contestantInstance.id,
                    params:'\'isSelected=\' + this.checked')}"  />
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Since no one has answered up to now, I might give it a try.

This code works for me.

Javascript code that goes in tag

<script type="text/javascript">

        function enableText(checkBool, textId)
            textFldObj = document.getElementById(textId);
            //Disable the text field
            textFldObj.disabled = !checkBool;
            //Clear value in the text field
            if (!checkBool) { textFldObj.value = ''; }


The checkBox and the onclick event is

    <td><g:checkBox checked="false" name="allVideos" value="${videoInstance.id}" onclick="enableText(this.checked, '${videoInstance.id}');" /></td>

N.B. videoInstance is the name of the var in the loop:

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