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When adding UIViews in Xcode's interface builder you can use Ctrl+drag to create a target-action to the UIViewController that holds that view. You can also do that to any subviews you add using IB.

If a subview is created and added programmatically in awakeFromNib is there a way to add the target-action from it to the view controller right there or do you have to first create the subview in awakeFromNib and later create the target-action using the view controller as a delegate?

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If its created from scratch, you have to bind events manually.

If however it's loaded from another NIB, there're at least 2 options:

  1. You can get a uiviewcontroller from view, see this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/3732812/126995 Then you can pass the VC to the loadNibNamed:owner:options: method.

  2. In the IB, you can change the type of the root view from UIView into your custom UIView-derived class, and bind actions and outlets from the subviews to the NIB's root view.

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