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How do I add UIRefreshControl to bottom of a UIColloectionView? That means how does it work when It comes to Scroll up (to see old data or something)?

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Here is a CCBottomRefreshControl category for UIScrollView class (parent of UICollectionView class) that implements bottomRefreshControl property. It's compatible with both iOS 6 and 7 native refresh controls.

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You can't use UIRefreshControl to do that, but if you're ok with a simpler solution, you could just set up your collection view to automatically load more data when you scroll to the bottom. (Incidentally, this is a far more common user interface ... the pull up to refresh is not common, but automatically retrieving more data when you hit the bottom is.)

The most primitive rendition of that would be to respond to the UIScrollViewDelegate method and determine if you've scrolled to the bottom of the collection view (which is, itself, a subclass of the UIScrollView):

- (void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView *)scrollView
    if ((scrollView.contentOffset.y + scrollView.frame.size.height) >= scrollView.contentSize.height)
        if (!self.isLoadingMoreData)
            self.loadingMoreData = YES;

            // proceed with the loading of more data

Even better, if you have more data to load, show a cell at the bottom, that says "please wait, loading more data", perhaps with a UIActivityIndicatorView. For example, if you have more data to load, add a section to the end with this one cell. If you format this additional cell properly (e.g. a single cell that goes all the way across the collection view), it could definitely render the effect you're looking for.

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Do you have a sample code for giving user this notification? I load data when scrolling to end and everything works fine. Now i just need the notification when data is loading. Not that simple to load an extra cell for doing this notification. Thanks! –  S. Birklin May 26 at 11:14
@S.Birklin - I think it's easier than you suspect. Just have your numberOfRowsForSection return one extra row (assuming you have extra data to fetch). Then cellForRowAtIndexPath can just see if it's gone beyond it's range of existing data and show the "loading" cell if that's the case. See github.com/robertmryan/UITableView-Bottom-Refresh for simplistic illustration. –  Rob May 26 at 15:59

You can't. You can't really customise UIRefreshControl at all.

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