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I have this loop running inside a program:

for(int I =0;I < n;I++){
   for(int it = 0; it < m; it++){

       Access vector.at(it+1) & add number plus vector.at(it)

Both n & m are user input and what I want to do is run the inside loop the size of the vector (m) and store information. The outside loop is saying to repeat that process n times. So would my big O notation be O(m^n) since I'm repeating m however many times n is? Thanks.

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You're performing 2 operations in the inside loop, thus you are doing a total of 2 * n * m operations, which gives a O(n*m) complexity.

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It would actually be O(M x N)

O(M^N) is very very slow :)

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Ok thanks! I knew it was really slow and was unsure that m^n was the solution. Thank you! –  guy_without_a_name Feb 16 '13 at 21:27

It is O(mn), assuming that the operation inside the inner loop is O(1).

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Thank you. Operation is constant time. –  guy_without_a_name Feb 16 '13 at 21:28

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