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I am trying to make my Rails app use Resque for managing workers. But, I would like to continue using the ConnectionPool gem.

I have this in an initializer:


uri = (not ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"].nil?) ? URI.parse(ENV["REDISTOGO_URL"]) : nil

# at this point, debugger confirms $redis is nil
$redis = ConnectionPool::Wrapper.new(:size => 5, :timeout => 3) { 
  if uri.nil?
    Redis.connect(:host => uri.host, :port => uri.port, :password => uri.password) 

$redis # just put this in here for the debugger
       # At this point, $redis is #<Redis:0x007fb1b0036bf0>
       # when it should be an instance of ConnectionPool::Wrapper

Does anyone have an idea why $redis would not be returned as an instance ConnectionPool::Wrapper?

I've searched in all the gems source code, nowhere does it set the value of $redis. In ConnectionPool's source code, I did not find anything where it would return an instance of Redis instead of itself.

This only happens when I switched from DelayedJob to Resque. So, it would seem that is the problem. However, I'm at a loss.

I am using Unicorn. Here's that file in config.

worker_processes 2
timeout 30
preload_app true

before_fork do |server, worker|
  # Replace with MongoDB or whatever
  if defined?(ActiveRecord::Base)
    Rails.logger.info('Disconnected from ActiveRecord')

  # If you are using Redis but not Resque, change this
  if defined?(Resque)
    Rails.logger.info('Disconnected from Redis')

  sleep 1

after_fork do |server, worker|
  # Replace with MongoDB or whatever
  if defined?(ActiveRecord::Base)
    Rails.logger.info('Connected to ActiveRecord')

  # If you are using Redis but not Resque, change this
  if defined?(Resque)
    # Yes, commented the Resque out for debugging, still get the same problem.
    #Resque.redis = ENV['REDISTOGO_URL']
    Rails.logger.info('Connected to Redis')

And finally, the Procfile:

web: bundle exec unicorn -p $PORT -c ./config/unicorn.rb
worker: env TERM_CHILD=1 QUEUE=* bundle exec rake resque:work

I'm using foreman in my develop environment.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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From the docs:

You can use ConnectionPool::Wrapper to wrap a single global connection.

I looks like the ConnectionPool::Wrapper is meant to wrap a single connection to Redis as a convenience for migrating large applications from using Redis directly to using ConnectionPools

If you call $redis.with, you get the #with defined by ConnectionPool

To get an actual connection pool, just change your

ConnectionPool::Wrapper.new(:size => 5, :timeout => 3) { #redis logic }


ConnectionPool.new(:size => 5, :timeout => 3) { #redis logic }
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Internally ConnectionPool::Wrapper creates a normal ConnectionPool object, and uses method_missing to automatically checkout/checkin from that pool whenever any method is called on the wrapper.

This use of method_missing includes calls to inspect, or class, or any number of methods which are normally used to try to look at the object or figure out its type.

require 'connection_pool'

class MyClass
  def foo

obj = MyClass.new
obj.respond_to?(:foo) # true
obj.respond_to?(:with) # false  

wrapper = ConnectionPool::Wrapper.new { MyClass.new }
wrapper.respond_to?(:foo) # true
wrapper.respond_to?(:with) # also true! 'with' is a method on ConnectionPool::Wrapper

You do have an instance of ConnectionPool::Wrapper, it just is a bit hard to tell.

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