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I have an existing single website (index.html) that works with a jquery content slider and I want to add my wordpress blog in one of the tabs. The blog is installed in mysite.com/blog/. I saw a tutorial on how to show posts with php, but then when clicking those, it sends people off my page to the blog. If I use iframe then I have SEO problems (or do I?) and the blog seems to be moving up when entering a comment on a post.

I hope somebody can help! Sincerely, Brian

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You probably need something like this Demo is here

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What is the difference with "normal" iframes? In this demo, when I click on "sign in", the myspace site is cut off and I cannot use it. Same with my site when someone tries to comment in the blog inside the iframe: the top of the site is cut off –  Brian Feb 17 '13 at 0:21

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