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$file = simplexml_load_file($url); {

    foreach($file->entry as $post) {

    $row = simplexml_load_string($post->asXML()); // after adding this line, i get error message

    $links = $row->xpath('//link[@rel="alternate" and @type="text/html"]');
    echo (string) $post->title;
    echo (string) $links[0]['href'];

I use this script to parse atom feed. At first didn't work because it couldn't pass the link's href attribute properly. I added $row and even though it worked, it gives an error : "namespace prefix gd for etag on entry is not defined". I'm searching this for hours, can't find a solution. I was so close.

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The line $row = simplexml_load_string($post->asXML());, if it worked, would be a long-winded way of writing $row = $post. ->asXML() and simplexml_load_string perform the opposite action to each other so you'd get back the same object you started with.

I think the reason it's behaving strangely in your case is that your XML document is using "namespaces", and the fragment of XML produced by $post->asXML() doesn't quite work as an XML document on its own.

I suspect that the original problem you had, which this line seemed to magically fix, was also with namespaces, as XPath is rather sensitive to them. Look up examples of using registerXPathNamespace and see if they solve your problem. If not, feel free to post a follow-up question showing your original problem, and including a sample of the XML you're processing.

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