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I want to create border via multiple backgrounds and have spotted one problem. I need to apply priorities to each background, because many of them overlap each other.

Is there any css property to set z-index each background?

left-top-corner(z-index:2) top(repeat-x) right-top-corner(z-index:2)
left-bottom-corner(z-index:2) bottom(repeat-x) right-bottom-corner(z-index:2)

like that.

Something like:

background-z-index:2,1,2 .. etc.
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No z-index, but there is a stacking order. It's kinda counter intuitive, but the first image you specify will be on top (and subsequent images will be below that) in the stacking order (opposite of HTML elements). More info here:

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That won't help me. Guess i'll have to do it the old school way... – Somebody Feb 17 '13 at 10:15

There is no z-index of background images. z-index only applies to individual elements, not properties of those elements.

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