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I'm trying to append items to an empty list in for cycle:

pointList = {};
For[n = 1, n <= 10, n++, Append[pointList, {n, Sum[(-1)^(i + 1) * Binomial[n, i] * (n - i)! / n!, {i, 1, n}]}]];

But the pointList after the for loop is empty. What am I doing wrong? :(

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you want AppendTo[], however you can do better here with a table :

pointlist=Table[{n, Sum[(-1)^(i + 1) * Binomial[n, i] * (n - i)! / n!, {i, 1, n}]},{n,10}]
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Thanks! It works. –  uestla Feb 16 '13 at 23:03

Please note that by definition of the Binomial function Binomial[n,i]*(n-i)!/n!=1/i!. Moreover, the sum simplifies via FullSimplify[Sum[(-1)^(i+1)/i!,{i,1,n}],Assumptions->n>0] to 1-Subfactorial[n]/n!. Hence,

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