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I am trying out IntelliJ for the first time and I am using tomEE. I can't get my changes reflected unless i redeploy the war (remove it then redeploy it).

What I do is the following:

Run configurations - exploded war, selected Update classes and resources on "Update". Set it to do it on frame deactivation. Tried to do it manually with CTRL+F10.

No changes gets reflected, not in a helloworld.jsp / facelet.

Running: IntelliJ 12.0.4 TomEE webprofile 1.5.1

The file in /target is changed. New files work fine as well, some kind of cache or something is causing this it feels like. Not the browsers cache because I tried with many browsers / cleared all data etc.

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According to the documentation you need to have this code in web.xml to enable JSP Hot Deployment:


The relevant part is setting development parameter to true.

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Aha. And facelets? – Karl Kildén Feb 17 '13 at 8:23
I had a blank web.xml basically. Added projectstage for jsf2 and a bunch of other standard configuration and it works! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction – Karl Kildén Feb 17 '13 at 8:43

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