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I am attempting to set up some PHPUnit test cases in Zend Studio but am stuck on the "New PHPUnit Test Case" form. The error I get is:

There are several elements with the name 'PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase' in project 'espnova'. 
Click 'Browse...' to choose one

When I browse, I only have one PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase to choose from. In the image below you can see the "New PHPUnit Test Case" form Im talking about.

New PHPUnit Test Case form

I think the Superclass value is the one giving me the error so I click Browse and I get this when I search for PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase:

Element selection form

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Do a code search for all directories included in your build path. If you are including a PEAR library AND the PHPUnit package is somewhere in your project then Zend-studio will not know which one to select.

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