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What I read is that the menu must have its MenuInfo.dwStyle flag set to MNS_NOTIFYBYPOS, what I did is:

memset(&MenuInfo,0, sizeof(MenuInfo));
MenuInfo.cbSize = sizeof(MenuInfo);
HMENU hPopupMenu = CreatePopupMenu();
GetMenuInfo(hPopupMenu, &MenuInfo);
MenuInfo.dwStyle |= MNS_NOTIFYBYPOS;
SetMenuInfo(hPopupMenu, &MenuInfo);

And next proceed with adding items:

InsertMenu(hPopupMenu, pos, MF_BYPOSITION, id , "do command");

Next track it:

TrackPopupMenu(hPopupMenu, TPM_CENTERALIGN | TPM_RETURNCMD, cursorPos.x, cursorPos.y, 0, hwnd, NULL);

But it has no effect, it compiles without error but the clicking event is till send as WM_COMMAND

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You need to set the fMask member of the MENUINFO structure to tell the system which fields you want to set/get.


MenuInfo.fMask = MIM_STYLE;
GetMenuInfo(hPopupMenu, &MenuInfo);
MenuInfo.dwStyle |= MNS_NOTIFYBYPOS;
SetMenuInfo(hPopupMenu, &MenuInfo);

Also note that the docs say:

MNS_NOTIFYBYPOS is a menu header style and has no effect when applied to individual sub menus.

So it is possible that it won't work for you anyway with a popup menu.

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It works with popups. Thanks. –  rsk82 Feb 17 '13 at 12:18

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