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I will get the date from mySQL in the format of YEAR-MONTH-DAY ex(2013-02-01). How would i be able to retrieve the Date using ResultSet and then compare it with todays date to see if its a year old.

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ResultSet has getDate() methods that will return a Date object. After that, here's a short way to compare them, if you don't care too much about precision or leap years or such:

Date fromDatabase = ...;
Date now = new Date();
long daysBetween = TimeUnit.DAYS.convert(now.getTime() - fromDatabase.getTime(), TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);
if (daysBetween > 365) { ... }

If you mean that the date is stored as a string value instead of as a date in the database, you can parse it like new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd").parse("2013-02-01").

When dealing with dates in databases, keep time zones in mind. It can get tricky keeping things straight.

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