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This might be a very stupid question, but i want to know how i can extract the RFC822.SIZE value from the double dictionary of the form:

{1: {'RFC822.SIZE': 2515, 'SEQ': 1}, 
2: {'RFC822.SIZE': 2942, 'SEQ': 2}, ....
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By what criteria do you want to extract that key, and not (say) 'SEQ'? –  David Robinson Feb 17 '13 at 0:08
I am trying to extract only the Size, i dont really care about the SEQ. I am separating the key and the value like this: for item in sizeList: print item, sizeList[item] i want to be able to access sizeList[item] and extract the size. But sizeList[item][0] doesnt seem to work, neither does sizeList[item['RFC822.SIZE']] –  CarbonD1225 Feb 17 '13 at 0:12
Wait- do you mean you want to extract the value 2515, or 2942? I misunderstood (I thought you were looking for the string 'RFC822.SIZE'). Anyway, sizeList[item]["RFC822.SIZE"] would do it. –  David Robinson Feb 17 '13 at 0:12
wow, i was using single quotes instead of double...That fixed it! thanks! –  CarbonD1225 Feb 17 '13 at 0:14
No, single quotes instead of double wouldn't make any difference. Try sizeList[item]['RFC822.SIZE']. –  David Robinson Feb 17 '13 at 0:16

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your_dict = { 1:{'foo':123}}
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In [2]: {1: {'RFC822.SIZE': 2515, 'SEQ': 1}, 2: {'RFC822.SIZE': 2942, 'SEQ': 2}}[1]['RFC822.SIZE']
Out[2]: 2515

The {...}[1] returns the sub-dictionary {'RFC822.SIZE': 2515, 'SEQ': 1}, and you can get the value out of this using ['RFC822.SIZE'].

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By 'double dictionary' I suppose you mean nested dictionary, right?

Well, when you access a value of the outter dict through a key (let's say, 1), it will return the corresponding inner dict, which values you can access... well, like a dict.

Here's an example:

data = {1: {'RFC822.SIZE': 2515, 'SEQ': 1}, 2: {'RFC822.SIZE': 2942, 'SEQ': 2}}

# get the inner dictionary with key 1
key_1 = data[1] # {'RFC822.SIZE': 2515, 'SEQ': 1}

# get RFC822.SIZE
size = key_1['RFC822.SIZE']

Knowing this, you can condense all that code by accesing the value directly:

size = data[1]['RFC822.SIZE']

This is some basic python (you use dicts constantly when coding on python) so I recommend (if you are planning to do serious coding on python) that you read some tuturial, at least the introductory one you can find on the python's doc page

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You have a nested dictionary, so use nested lookups:

for item in sizeList:
    print item, sizeList[item]['RFC822.SIZE']

Note the slight difference between this and the usage in your comment: your commment tries to index item, whereas this indexes sizeList[item].

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