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Most of the times I run a Project I need to open/maximize LogCat and then minimize it. Usually it takes a few clicks with the mouse.

Click the LogCat icon on the Debug perspective ctrl+M to maximize it and then click the minimize icon.

Wonder if there is a faster way, hope without the need to click the mouse.

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What IDE are you talking about? Eclipse or Intellij? – Blundell Feb 17 '13 at 0:39
eclipse I'm using – t0s Feb 17 '13 at 0:41
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Go to Window -> Preferences. Then go to General -> Keys. Find the entry "Show View (View: Logcat)" Go to Binding and hit a key (such as F10).

Personally, I use two screens for developing. Main Window on the main screen and Logcat, File Explorer and Console on the second one.

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Two screens is the best solution since LogCat View is so important. For now I'll stay with ctrl+L to open LogCat view and ctrl+M to maximize it. – t0s Feb 17 '13 at 0:59
You can as well make a custom key shortcut as I explained above. It should acutally remember the window size when you close it so you dont need to maximize it. – Toast Feb 17 '13 at 1:00

If I understand your problem correctly, you already have the LogCat view open. But, when you want to maximize it, its a pain to double click it every time.

Solution: Use Ctrl+F7 to shift between the views like "LogCat", "Console", "Editor" etc. Then when you are at particular view, just use Ctrl+M to maximize the view in full screen. I think you will like some of the Shortcuts mentioned here: http://www.rapidsnail.com/Developer/topic/2012/76/27/60320/ask-next-eclipse-the-commonly-used-shortcut-key.aspx

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Yes its a pain to double click. Ctrl+M works for maximizing but if I don't click the LogCat window can't use it again to minimize. I'm not sure if you understand exactly what I said about the minimize part. LogVat View is open and maximized and I see let's say a simple Log.V message I added to the code but I can't minimize it with Ctrl+M unless I click on the View. Ctrl+F7 is quite similar to the solution @Toast provided. – t0s Feb 17 '13 at 1:22

Window -> Show View -> Other -> Android -> LogCat

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I personally think Eclipse is not the best place to watch logcat (it is already as heavy as it gets by default, and you put more into it...).

So, I recommend good old command line (Linux):

$ adb logcat -v time

I have created a logcat colorizer to help distinguish the important stuff: https://bitbucket.org/brunobraga/logcat-colorize

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