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I've been playing around trying to get a function that will sort a selection of li tags by their content but currently to no avail (at least no speed/accuracy);


        var liArr = Array();



            var current = this;

            var clone = $('li').filter(function(){return($(this).html()==current);}).clone();






It's both slow and not GREAT at sorting. Idealy, it would sort based on the content of a strong tag that resides within the li.

Here's the alphaNumSort function if you're interested (this works a treat its just the crappy html and cloning rubbish that's not really working)

function alphaNumSort(m,n){
    var cnt= 0,tem;
    var a= m.toLowerCase();
    var b= n.toLowerCase();
    if(a== b) return 0;
    var x=/^(\.)?\d/;

    var L= Math.min(a.length,b.length)+ 1;
    while(cnt< L && a.charAt(cnt)=== b.charAt(cnt) &&
    x.test(b.substring(cnt))== false && x.test(a.substring(cnt))== false) cnt++;
    a= a.substring(cnt);
    b= b.substring(cnt);

    if(x.test(a) || x.test(b)){
        if(x.test(a)== false)return (a)? 1: -1;
        else if(x.test(b)== false)return (b)? -1: 1;
            var tem= parseFloat(a)-parseFloat(b);
            if(tem!= 0) return tem;
            else tem=[^\.\d]/);
            if(tem== -1) tem=[^\.\d]/);
            a= a.substring(tem);
            b= b.substring(tem);
    if(a== b) return 0;
    else return (a >b)? 1: -1;
    return 0;



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I'm not completely sure what your alphaNumSort function does, but a simple string comparison may be enough.

var li = $('#licontainer li').get();

// sort the list items based on the contents of a nested strong tag
li.sort(function(a, b) {
    a = $('strong', a).text();
    b = $('strong', b).text();

    // you may want to process the text values further here, perhaps
    // running it through $.trim, reducing whitespace sequences with
    // a regular expression, or lower- or upper-casing letters to
    // make the comparison case-insensitive.

    return (a < b) ? -1 : ((a > b) ? 1 : 0);

// reinsert the list items in their new order

This should be considerably faster than your temporary list method, as it performs fewer DOM operations. The use of native string comparisons should also be a fair bit faster than your current sorting algorithm, but if it is doing something specific that I have missed update the return statement to utilize it (keeping the preceding lines).

return alphaNumSort(a, b);

If this is still too slow you could likely improve performance even more by hiding the list before manipulating it, preventing the browser from performing unnecessary repaints.

var li = $('#licontainer').hide().find('li').get();

// ...

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+1 innerText is definitely a better approach than innerHTML. The strings might still need some processing though, how about trimming whitespace in case nesting markup is inconsistent? Also Array.sort is non-standard, it should be –  bobince Sep 29 '09 at 11:41
Thanks for the feedback and the +1. Array.sort is most definitely standard, but it is certainly less compatible than using Array.prototype. I will update my answer to reflect your comment, adding text post-processing as an exercise for the reader :) –  Alex Barrett Sep 29 '09 at 11:54
+1 IMHO li.get().sort is more intuitive for readers of the code. –  Roatin Marth Sep 29 '09 at 13:30
Thank you Roatin Marth, I agree with you. I've updated the answer to use your suggestion. I added get() to the initial variable assignment, as sort() operates in-place. –  Alex Barrett Sep 29 '09 at 13:39
That's a sweet little snippet man, does the job royally. I implemented my alphanumeric sorting so it sorts both numerically 1,2,15,17,27 rather than 1,15,17,2,27 as well as sorting text. It's quick, and in like 5 lines! Thanks a bunch! –  Joel Sep 29 '09 at 16:13

If you want to sort it with javascript, you need a method/function to sort it. And you need to choose when it will be sorted: loading, clicking on a button, etc...

The other possibility is to sort before sending the html: it depends on your server language. Php, java, asp, etc... ? But you can use the same link to find the best algorithm for your needs.

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var sortList = function () {
    var ul = document.getElementsByTagName("ul"),
    ol = document.getElementsByTagName("ol"),
    sort = function (x) {
        var a, li;
        for (a = 0; a < x.length; a += 1) {
            li = x[a].getElementsByTagName("li");
            li = li.sort();
            x[a].innerHTML = li.join("");
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