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i have a problem with emails the html is ok but when i open them there are errors in the text and the links some chars where changed into = like

Thanks for joining . your log=n details are here ma=e sure you keep them safe.
To verify your email address, please follow this link:

 Finish your registration...

Link doesn't work? Copy the following link to your browser address bar:  http://www.myurl.com/dev=l/panel/auth/activate/123131/123131

Please verify your email within 123131 hours, otherwise your registration =ill become invalid and you will have to register again.

every image and link even the text is borken up i was thinkin that it has someting to do with {unwrap} but did not help

this is the config/email.php

$config['email_notification']['protocol'] = 'smtp';
$config['email_notification']['smtp_host'] = 'smtp.live.com';
$config['email_notification']['smtp_user'] = 'xxxxx';
$config['email_notification']['smtp_pass'] = 'xxxxxxx';
$config['email_notification']['smtp_port'] = '587';
$config['email_notification']['mailtype'] = 'html';
$config['email_notification']['charset'] = 'utf-8';
$config['email_notification']['wordwrap'] = false;
$config['email_notification']['smtp_crypto'] = 'tls';

this is the controller


    $this->email->subject('Email Test');

    $this->email->from('xxxxxx'); // change it to yours
    $this->email->subject('Email Test');



the email body is

 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
<style type="text/css">
    /* Client-specific Styles */
#outlook a{padding:0;} /* Force Outlook to provide a "view in browser" button. */
body{width:100% !important;} .ReadMsgBody{width:100%;} .ExternalClass{width:100%;} /* Force Hotmail to display emails at full width */
body{-webkit-text-size-adjust:none;} /* Prevent Webkit platforms from changing default text sizes. */

    /* Reset Styles */
body{margin:0; padding:0;}
img{border:0; height:auto; line-height:100%; outline:none; text-decoration:none;}
table td{border-collapse:collapse;}
#backgroundTable{height:100% !important; margin:0; padding:0; width:100% !important;}


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i think its a problem with _prep_quoted_printable –  ddjikic Feb 17 '13 at 0:50

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i found the answer so if anyone have the same problem

there is why

There are two limits that this standard places on the number of
characters in a line. Each line of characters MUST be no more than
998 characters, and SHOULD be no more than 78 characters, excluding
the CRLF.

The 998 character limit is due to limitations in many implementations which send, receive, or store Internet Message Format messages that simply cannot handle more than 998 characters on a line. Receiving implementations would do well to handle an arbitrarily large number of characters in a line for robustness sake. However, there are so many implementations which (in compliance with the transport requirements of [RFC2821]) do not accept messages containing more than 1000 character including the CR and LF per line, it is important for implementations not to create such messages.

The more conservative 78 character recommendation is to accommodate the many implementations of user interfaces that display these
messages which may truncate, or disastrously wrap, the display of
more than 78 characters per line, in spite of the fact that such
implementations are non-conformant to the intent of this
specification (and that of [RFC2821] if they actually cause
information to be lost). Again, even though this limitation is put on messages, it is encumbant upon implementations which display messages

and this is where you change the code to overwrite this limit system/libraries/email.php


protected function _prep_quoted_printable($str, $charlim = '')
    // Set the character limit
    // Don't allow over 76, as that will make servers and MUAs barf
    // all over quoted-printable data
    if ($charlim == '' OR $charlim > '76')
        $charlim = '76';


protected function _prep_quoted_printable($str, $charlim = '')
    // Set the character limit
    // Don't allow over 76, as that will make servers and MUAs barf
    // all over quoted-printable data
    if ($charlim == '' OR $charlim > '76')
        $charlim = '200';
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