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I would like a working version of this:

let x = "a" ^ 0;;
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As you undoubtedly noticed, you can only concatenate strings with other strings - not integers. So you'll have to convert your integer to a string before you can concatenate it. If the integer is really hard coded like in your example, you can just write "0" instead of 0 (in fact in your example you can just write "a0" and not concatenate anything at all).

If the integer is not a constant, you can use string_of_int to convert it to a string. So this will work:

let x = "a" ^ string_of_int my_integer
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You can also use the usual printf functions but it is much slower:

let x = Printf.sprintf "a%d" my_integer
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Since there is no reason to assume that the string part is less variable than the integer part, I would have suggested Printf.sprintf "%s%d" "a" 0. – Pascal Cuoq Feb 18 '13 at 13:02

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